Liminal Equus is an llc


Liminal Equus

“Human to Animal Communion is unfailingly a bridge to our reunion with Earth Soul. Within the human-to-animal communion here, lies the purest return to the totality of our Belonging.”

Liminal Equus is a holistic barn that practices Presence and Mindfulness, while engaging the sacred bond between humans and horses. In additions to our horse community, we are a sanctuary for bunnies, sheep, chickens, and two great Pyrenees dogs . We are dedicated to the path of educating ourselves in Animal Psychology, Herd Psychology, Natural Horsemanship, and Holistic Animal Husbandry.

We honor the  Sacred Liminal Boundaries of Nature, Animals and humans.


'Miss Joy is a gift to the children and the horses. She has created such an amazing program for young riders and experienced riders, meeting them where they are. My son and daughter wish they could be on the mountain with Miss Joy every day. They are learning how to ride and more importantly how to care and connect with the horses. every time they come home I learn something new as they excitedly tell me about their day.  we are so blessed to have her in our lives and recommend her for a unique experience filled with love and care."    Jennifer Work

"Imagine blue skies, flower filled meadows and magical horses, surrounded by the blue ridge mountains.  Joy creates a beautiful, healing and dynamic learning space to relax, let go and submerse yourself in connection with the animals.  She has a deep relationship with the horses, guides them peacefully and with love.  Joy is a knowledgeable horse guide and passes on their medicine to her students.  She helps to establish a deep connection to the horses and skills to care for them.  The mountain is a true sanctuary to absorb the healing essence of nature and the animals."  Nikki Solomon

"It's fun! Just a good experience because you get to bond with the horses. It's just a really great way to learn to ride." Phoenix Work age 9 

"It's really fun to be with Miss Joy and the Horses. It feels like the horses are talking with you and becoming your best friend. It is just a great feeling to get there and be with Miss Joy."

Mariela Work Age 7