At the foot of Young Pisgah Ridge is 90 acres, a Heart-Moving place called Sacred Mountain Sanctuary where a circle of individuals are dedicated to the recognition, cultivation and preservation of sacred connection with self, others and the natural world. Our mission is to provide an environment and immersive experiences that awaken one's being to the sacred nature of all things. Here we have four learning circles, first through eighth grade (High School starting in the fall, 2017).  Beyond the four Yomes, which are home to the grades children’s learning circles, there is a field that is a couple of acres, surrounded by forest. The field is oblong in shape and is home to horses, sheep, chickens, bees, bunnies, and two livestock guardian dogs. This is Rumi’s Field, where Liminal Equus operates the Animal Arts Program and offers Horsemanship lessons, Trail Rides, Equine Forest Yoga and a CSH to the greater community of Asheville, NC.  The horses live on an outer ring that makes a completed kind-of circle; there is an outer fence and an inner fence that spans anywhere from 12 to 20 feet apart in width, which creates a track system, called a Paradise Paddock that our horses live on. This system allows the horses to always be moving and grazing on hay, this mimics their life grazing in the wild, before we domesticated them and put them on cultivated grass pastures. They travel along this track all day, moving and eating at different hay ‘stations’, spending time in the shade of trees or under one of their shelters. Inside the horse track live the sheep, where they are rotated through to graze, giving other pastures a rest, to re-seed and grow again. Inside the sheep pasture is a beautiful structure that provides shelter for our bunnies and for our Animal Arts classes for The Learning Village. Here in the very center we will also have bees and a garden. It is also where our two guardian dogs live.

Please email or call to schedule a visit. I look forward to meeting you and sharing this beautiful, sacred, Liminal Space with you.